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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ashley Dupre being sued for "stealing a boyfriend"

Ashley Dupre became quite well known after she was identified as the prostitute at the center of the sex scandal that brought down powerful New York Governor Elliot Spitzer. She was known as ‘Kristin’ to her clients and when it became known that Spitzer was one of her clients his career took a nose dive.


Now Ms. Dupre is at the center of yet another sex scandal. Its seems that a model named K.T. Mary Dunphy has named her as the ‘other woman’ in her lawsuit in which she is asking for $1.5 million for emotional distress. She claims that Dupre stole her boyfriend, Robert Oppenheimer Jr.

Get comfortable and hold on to your hair extensions and I’ll try to explain this whole situation. It seems that Dunphy met Oppenheimer in 2004 on one of those dating websites that caters to helping people meet millionaires. The two started dating and everything was hunky dorey in the beginning, just like most relationships. He wined and dined her, spent money on her lavishly and took her to romantic, exotic places. Then, one day, Dunphy slipped on a wet floor after swimming and fell down injuring her foot and rupturing her breast implants!

Their relationship started going downhill after she busted her bust.

Dunphy claims that Oppenheimer started using cocaine and visiting prostitutes. She says she was pregnant with twins in 2007 when she walked in on Oppenheimer and Dupre having sexual relations. She says that she was so upset that she miscarried the twins. Dupre claims she never heard of Oppenheimer but Dunphy says she knows it was Dupre because she recognizes her tattoos in photos she sees now. She obviously got a very close look at Dupre in that shocking moment of walking in on them.

Oppenheimer quit giving Dunphy gifts, kicked her out of the house he’d given her to live in, took back the car he let her use and cut her off financially. It was so awful that Dunphy had to go on food stamps and find a way to support herself. Its possible that’s where the lawsuit comes into the convoluted tale. That’s just speculation, of course.

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Oppenheimer has hired uber private investigator, Bo Dietl who says all of this is nothing more than an attempt on Ms. Dunphy’s part to extort money from Oppenheimer. Dietl says that Oppenheimer’s lawyer is preparing a defamation suit against Dunphy.