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Tuesday, April 13, 2010



Ashley Dupre has been fairly successful ever since she was busted in the Eliot Spitzer call-girl scandal. Aside from getting a little bit of attention for her musical aspirations, ex hooker, Ashley Dupre has landed a job as a sex columnist for the New York Post.


Of course, we can't forget Ashley Dupre's jump into the whole sex tape scene with Girls Gone Wild which caused a fury of searches for Ashley Dupre Sex tape awhile back. I did manage to dig up some nude pictures of Ashley Dupre and her Girls Gone Wild Sex tape days. Screen shots of the Ashley Dupre Girls Gone Wild Porn Video can be seen below. This should keep the palm sisters busy for awhile. I have to admit, Ashley Dupre does have a tasty looking Vagina... mmmmm yummy, too bad it probably tastes like Eliot Spitzer Giz by now.

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Not to stop there, Ashley Dupre is now getting naked for Playboy Magazine. Ashley Dupre is reported as saying “Playboy is something I’ve always wanted to do." The timing of Ashley Dupre's Playboy Pictorial was somewhat planned, according to Ashley Dupre. Speaking about the timing of her Playboy Pictorial and the Eliot Spitzer scandal, Ashley Dupre said “If I had posed right after, I would have been known as Spitzer’s girl, now that I waited, it’s now more about me, my story.” I've got news for ya Ash' - Once a whore always a whore, no matter how hard you try, you will always be known as "Spitzers Girl"

In her interview with Playboy Magazine, Ashley Dupre had this to say about the whole Eliot Spitzer scandal “Some people call me the girl who brought down the governor of New York, but in reality he brought me down, I was an escort. As much as I wish I could make that go away, I can’t.”

In addition to Ashley Dupre, the internet seems to be a buzz with people searching for Ashley Dupre and jd harmeyer. So what does JD harmeyer have to do with Ashley Dupre? Well, I do know he is from New York and he does have a butt load of friends on Myspace. Speaking of Myspace, it seems Ashley Dupre has deleted the Ashley Dupre Myspace Page since her foray into the Newspaper columnist business, either that or she banned me.

Further examination into the whole Ashley Dupre and JD Harmeyer thing seems to put Ashley Dupre in bed with Howard Stern's JD Harmeyer. Hmmmm, what Ashley Dupre won't do for a little attention, at least JD Harmeyer seems to be enjoying himself... I wonder if he had to pay Ashley Dupre for her services.

Ashley Dupre's Playboy pictorial can be seen in the May edition of Playboy Magazine which will be on newsstands on April 16th.... get the KY ready.

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